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Mrs Karen Richardson is our SENCo and can be contacted via the School Office or at

The SENCo Team are detailed below.

Children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities - The SEND Zone


We, at Monks Abbey, are committed to giving the best quality education to all the children who attend the school. We are proud of the additional support we are able to give to those children who need a little more help and support. As part of these we are developing in conjunction with parents and governors our local plan to support children in accordance with both new statute and our own vision.


Follow the questions below to see the relevant documentation for you and if you have any questions or queries or need any clarification please contact us using one of the methods at the bottom of this page.


SEN Information Report


Welcome to the process - the best place to start is to read a little about our school, How we work with you to identify your child’s Special Educational Need (SEN) and how we can support you and your child here at Monks Abbey.

Having read the above have you visited the school to talk to the SEN Team?
Contact the school to arrange a visit
T: 01522 527705
Now read the information about joining our school
Have you been offered for a place? [We cannot guarentee that there will be a space as we are nearly full but we are a fully inclusive school]
Now read about the SEN team at the school and our parents forum.
If you child is already at the school then you might find the following documents useful.


As well as the resources above there are a growing number of "apps" that are useful for supporting pupils with particualr needs - see some support sheets for children with:

Making sure that every child has the best possible opportunities to succeed is very important to all of the staff, governors and children at Monks Abbey; so if you have any questions, queries or issues please contact us.


Karen Richardson and the SEND team at Monks Abbey.