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Nursery Tuesday 23rd February

Hello everyone it’s time for phonics!

Today we are going to continue our learning to recognise initial sounds. To help us we are going to sing a song all about silly soup! I hope that you will listen to the song and then try and sing along with me.

I wonder if you can spot the two rhyming words in the song?

Each time I will add an object, then I want you to work out what the initial sound is. I’ll add 3 objects into my silly soup which all start with the same sound and hopefully you will be able to work out what the initial sound is.  After watching the video why not have a look around at home and see if you can find some things which all start with the same sound and have a go at making your own silly soup.

Take a look at the other documents on this page to find sheets to show you how to form the letters which make the sounds in today’s activity. You can print out your own at home or collect paper copies as part of the Nursery home learning pack. Alternatively, you can ask your child to follow the lines with their fingers on your phone or tablet.


Don’t forget to share your home learning with us.

Take care 😊