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Welcome to Monks Abbey Primary School

We are a large school near the arboretum, in the centre of Lincoln.  We care for 560 pupils who thrive in our well-ordered, friendly and stimulating classroom environments.  Along with excellent teaching and support staff this fosters learning and values where children feel safe and secure.


Our school has an international atmosphere which enhances children's life experiences.


We are excited to welcome our new starters in school and wish them well as they begin their educational journey with us.


Our Vision


The school exists to care for the needs of children, and all those in the school should work in their best interests. This means we must constantly create a school and classroom climate that fosters learning and values in which the school feel, and are, safe and secure. The children should recognise and adhere to boundaries and guidelines and understand their purpose.


Our lessons and activities should stimulate the children's minds and spark their imagination. They should steadily grow in skills and knowledge and leave us numerate, literate and socially and emotionally well adjusted young people. Where it exists we should overcome disadvantage. Children should achieve their potential in fitness and in sport.


When our children have grown and matured we want them to remember their school as a good place, a place that inspired lifetime learning and set them fair for a happy and worthwhile life and career.

The Monks Abbey Way!


Structure of the school day 

7.00am  - School is opened by Site Manager


8:50am - Start of the day Whole School


10:15am-10:30am - Year 1 & Year 2 Break Time


10:40am-10:55am - Year 3 & Year 4 Break Time


11:20am-11:35am - Year 5 & Year 6 Break Time


12:00pm-12:50pm - Year 1 & Year 2 Lunch Time


12:30am-1:20pm - Year 3 - 6 Lunchtime


1:45pm-2:00pm - Year 1 & Year 2 Break Time


3:10pm - End of School Day for Reception, Year 1 & Year 2


3:20pm - End of School Day for Year 3 - 6