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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Heads of School
Picture 1 Headteacher: Mrs Vicky Johnson (LLE) (DSL)
Picture 2 Deputy Headteacher: Mr Ben Carver (SLE)
Picture 3 Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Jane Hudson
Picture 4 Assistant Headteacher: Miss Theresa Peacock
Foundation Stage Teachers
Picture 1 Nursery: Mrs Sarah Ogden
Picture 2 Reception: Mrs Gemma Clarke
Picture 3 Reception: Miss Shannon Chandley
Year 1 Teachers
Picture 1 Mrs Ginny Hickerton
Picture 2 Mrs Rachel Winter
Picture 3 Mrs Judy Grundy
Picture 4 Mrs Lorraine Lewis
Year 2 Teachers
Picture 1 Mrs Bridie Bear (Team Leader Key Stage 1)
Picture 2 Miss Hannah Yates
Year 3 Teachers
Picture 1 Miss Tanya King
Picture 2 Mr Richard Dennis
Year 4 Teachers
Picture 1 Miss Nicola Beckett (Lower KS2 Team Leader)
Picture 2 Mr Miles Hanson
Year 5 Teachers
Picture 1 Mr William Pounder
Picture 2 Mr Nick Crook
Year 6 Teachers
Picture 1 Miss Theresa Peacock (Team Leader UKS2) (SLE)
Picture 2 Mrs Sarah MacGregor
PPA Cover Teachers & Intervention Teacher
Picture 1 Ms Tina Sudell
Picture 2 Mrs Lindsay Daubney
Picture 3 Mr James Barker
Trainee Teacher
Picture 1 Miss Kate Kent
Teaching Assistants
Picture 1 Mrs Rachael Barr
Picture 2 Mrs Julie Brown
Picture 3 Mrs Rachael Cole
Picture 4 Mrs Alison Cooper-Moore
Picture 5 Mrs Elspeth Dytham
Picture 6 Mrs Emma Edey
Picture 7 Mrs Sam Fields
Picture 8 Mrs Linda Goble
Picture 9 Miss Helen Grayson
Picture 10 Mr Alex Green
Picture 11 Miss Jo Harris
Picture 12 Ms Michelle Haslam
Picture 13 Mrs Leanne Holman
Picture 14 Mr Matthew Ingamells
Picture 15 Mrs Nicky Kirk
Picture 16 Ms Sylwia Ludwinska
Picture 17 Miss Nicola Reilly
Picture 18 Miss Rebecca Riddel
Picture 19 Mrs Katie Savage
Picture 20 Mrs Clare Smalley (Clerk to the governors)
Picture 21 Mrs Sharon Smith
Picture 22 Miss Jagoda Taberska
SENCo, Family Support Worker and Inclusion Mentor
Picture 1 SENCo: Mrs Karen Richardson (Leader TAs, Dep DSL)
Picture 2 Family Support Worker: Mrs Liz Gray, (Ass DSL)
Picture 3 Inclusion Mentor: Mr Dean Smith
School Business Manager & Administrators
Picture 1 School Business Manager: Mrs Sue Gordon
Picture 2 Administrator: Mrs Trudi Barker
Picture 3 Administrator: Mrs Kim Baines
Picture 4 Administrator / Technician: Mrs Joanne King
Site Manager
Picture 1 Mr Mick Bear

Lunchtime Staff

Picture 1 Kitchen Supervisor: Lloyd Pennell
Picture 2 Assistant Cook: Niki Lamyman
Picture 3 Kitchen Assistant: Mrs Tasha Stern
Picture 4 Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Linda Goble
Picture 5 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Ann Auckland
Picture 6 Lunchtime Supervisor: Florencia Grattarola
Picture 7 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Kirsty Holden
Picture 8 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Dianne Howell
Picture 9 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Sarah Little
Picture 10 Lunchtime Supervisor: Jessica Markham
Picture 11 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Sharon Wickes
Picture 12 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Tracy Wood