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Agencies We Work With

Educational Psychology

Referral to the Educational Psychology Service (EP) is undertaken through planning sessions with the SENCo and EP.  This would then be discussed at a review meeting with parents when we will discuss this with you and ask you for consent.   We currently work with Lincolnshire Psychology Services to provide support for our pupils.

Specialist Teachers Service

Referral to the Specialist Teaching Service would be discussed during the termly review process with the class teacher, parent and SENCo.  A referral form would then be given to the parent to obtain additional information and consent.  Specialist Teachers will assess pupils and provide information to support pupils with, for example, dyslexia, learning difficulties, memory deficits, dyscalculia and language development. This service is provided one morning a week per fortnight.

Counselling Services/Play Therapy

This is provided for pupils who need additional support to understand their emotions/ deal with loss.  Pupils will be identified through discussions with school staff, the welfare team, parents and if necessary Social Workers.

Speech and Language Therapy

Pupils can be referred via the Speech and Language Therapist referral forms.  Concerns can be raised during review meetings, via the class teacher or directly to the SENCo.


We work closely with the Community Paediatricians to support pupils and their families.  The SENCo can refer to the paediatrician if there are significant concerns regarding meeting a pupil’s needs in school.  Parents can ask for a member of staff to come to meetings with them if they feel it would be beneficial.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy 

Teaching Assistants will work closely with physiotherapy and occupational therapy to ensure that pupil’s programmes are carried out in school.  Referral to these services generally comes via the family GP or Community Paediatricians.

Sensory Education Support Team

This service provides advice in order to support pupils with a sensory impairment, for e.g vision or hearing impairment. Referral can be done through school or another agency such as ophthalmology or audiology.


The Working Together Team

Provide strategies/support for children who find the classroom environment a challenge and also staff training.  Referral to the team is done through identification at review meetings then discussion with the team’s Primary lead for Lincoln – Adele Sheriff. 

The BOSS team

The BOSS team are commissioned as part of the Pupil Re-integration Team at Lincolnshire County Council.  They provide support for pupils who are at risk of exclusion due to challenging behaviour.  Referral is made through the Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) process.