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Intent, Implementation & Impact

Our Maths Curriculum’s Intent 

At Monks Abbey Primary School, we strive to ensure that all children leave us numerate, overcoming any disadvantage that may exist.  


The students will enjoy their maths learning in school and be able to apply it to other subject areas and outside of school too. Our mastery teaching of mathematics will ensure that all children are coherent, fluent, mathematical thinkers and make connections. Children will be able to experience maths in their lessons through practical learning in order for them to understand that maths occurs frequently in everyday life. Maths lessons will be meaningful and demonstrate to all pupils maths is everywhere! Children will be confident in being able to approach mathematical problems and will be able to answer them efficiently. During their time at Monks Abbey, their mathematical skill set and their mathematical creativity will grow. We understand how important maths is for all children after leaving Monks Abbey in order for them to become well-adjusted young people and set them fair for life and their career.