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Reviewing Your Child's Progress

Reviewing Your Child's Progress

How will we monitor your child's progress?

Your child’s class teacher will be regularly involved in pupil progress meetings, this will be with the Headteacher or another member of the Senior Leadership Team. Any concerns due to lack of progress will be identified and additional support put in place to address concerns.


Each term you will be invited to a review of your child’s support plan, this will be completed in a specific meeting during the school day. If you cannot attend in person this discussion can be held over the phone and will involve the SENCo, class teacher and parent. The child will discuss the progress they have made towards the class teacher prior to the meeting and this will be added to the notes on the child’s support plan. At the meeting you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and any other concerns you may have.


Any intervention groups your child is involved in will be monitored by the Senior Leadership Team for how effective they are, if it is felt that a specific intervention is not working for your child then an alternative may be discussed with their class teacher.